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Island Fish Shetland ltd

Established in October 2018, Island Fish Shetland Ltd. is a small family-run business. When possible, they catch their fish with their small fishing vessel: the Lowra May Lk213, she is just under 10m in length. Using traditional methods that reduce the amount of bio kill.

The company is a member of the Taste of Shetland Local Seafood Provenance scheme, which aims to promote and celebrate the marvellous range of sustainably farmed and caught, premium seafood Shetland is famous for.


Waas Bakery

The Waas Bakery is one of Shetland’s much-loved local bakeries. Located on the West mainland, they specialise in artisan breads, good, wholesome ‘real’ bread. They do a truly fabulous range of cakes and bakes too.



Bigton Farm

The Budge family has been farming at Bigton for generations. They produce premium quality beef and lamb in one of the most scenically spectacular areas Shetland has to offer.

Their sheep graze on beautiful St Ninian’s Isle for most of the year, while their cattle spend the summer over on the East coast of Shetland, grazing a healthy mix of wildflowers and grasses. Aimee and Kirsty Budge take immense pride in the high welfare standards the farm is run to. They are QMS registered and recently took part in the Monitor Farm initiative.

Scalloway Meat Company

Scalloway Meat Company is a craft butcher that really highlights the excellent local meat available to them. They support local farmers, and the wider community, by selling as much local produce as possible.

Scoop Wholefoods

Scoop Wholefoods is renowned throughout Shetland, and beyond, for championing the very best of local produce, as well as stocking a seemingly infinite range of high-quality artisan and specialty foods.

Seaspray Mussels

Seaspray (Shetland) Ltd. market and sell quality Shetland mussels. Superior quality mussels, sustainably farmed in the pristine waters around Shetland. Seaspray sources quality Shetland mussels from two local family-owned and run producers: C & A Thomason Ltd. in Yell and Vementry Aquaculture, based in Vementry on the West mainland of Shetland.



The Fungi

Grower of Oyster mushrooms, King Oyster mushrooms, Winecap mushrooms, and many more. Mark moved to Shetland in 2020 and set up as a grower in Scalloway, in 2021, he calls himself The Fungi. He grows different varieties of mushrooms and supplies local outlets with the freshest mushrooms in Shetland. He repurposes materials that would have usually gone to waste, such as buckets and containers where he can grow and harvest the mushrooms, he also uses renewable energy which equals a very low carbon footprint for his products.



Shetland Reel

This remote community is home to the Saxa Vord Distillery, the most northerly in the UK, started by four people who share a passion for producing top-quality products in local communities. Produced only in Shetland by Shetland's only distillery, Shetland Reel gins are now available throughout the UK and beyond.

The concept was to make a traditional style of gin using many of the botanicals used in the great gins of the past, but to make it their own. Shetland Reel recipes include juniper berries, coriander seeds, orris root, cinnamon, and citrus peel, but add a unique Shetland twist with locally harvested apple mint and bladderwrack seaweed.



Lerwick Brewery

Lerwick Brewery creates quality craft beers at 60° North. Shetland’s unique blend of mild winters, cool summers, clear soft water, and an abundance of fresh air allows them to develop beers with real character. Lerwick Brewery breaks the mould and pushes the boundaries of craft beer. Founded in 2012 by the brothers - John, Jimmy, and Graham Mercer - it is the UK’s most northerly and remote brewery. They are as much Nordic as they are Scottish which gives them a unique outlook on life, and this is reflected in the beers they brew.

Giffords’ Farm

The Giffords’ farm is on the beautiful isle of Bressay. They rear sheep, cattle, and pigs as well as producing fresh local eggs and a wide range of vegetables and herbs.

The family are one of Shetland’s leading producers of fresh, local, free-range eggs. You will find Gifford’s Bressay eggs in shops all over Shetland. They also supply large quantities of eggs to other businesses within Shetland, from restaurants and cafés to some of the bakers. Try a fresh Bressay egg for your breakfast, poached on toast perhaps, and you will wonder why you ever bought eggs elsewhere!

Shetland Dairy

Shetland Farm Dairies is a local co-operatively owned dairy with all of their milk supplied from the dairy farms of Shetland. Their cows live a fantastic life, breathing clean fresh Shetland air, grazing, and tended by farmers who know each and every one of them.

Thule Ventus

Thule Ventus salt cod is the best Bacalao/Bacalhau you can buy - the finest single malt of the salt fish world! They also sell fresh fish and a range of Shetland produce and gifts through their online shop. Thule Ventus salt cod is a hand-crafted premium product for discerning customers. They only use fish landed on Shetland by small, family-owned boats.

Salt cod is rooted in centuries-old island traditions. Thule Ventus products are the contemporary expression of that heritage. Their salt cod really could not be easier to prepare, packed as ready-to-soak cuts of skinned, filleted, and boned cod.

Culswick Beef

Sandy Fraser has been crofting in Culswick for the best part of 35 years. He has a small high-health herd of pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle. The herd is grass-fed and wintered on homegrown forage, which means that the whole farm has a very low carbon footprint, and the meat has excellent nutritional values. It is red meat but with a green attitude. Animals are slaughtered at the local abattoir and hung for a minimum of 21 days.




Shetland Salt

Pure Shetland sea salt, harvested by hand. ‘SaatBrack’ is the dialect term for the salty spray and foam that comes off a breaking wave in Shetland’s nutrient-rich sea.

Shetland is located at 60° North, in pristine waters, on one side lies the North Sea, and on the other the Atlantic Ocean. It is a place of stunning cliffs and a spectacular coastline. It has 1,700 miles of crystal-clear coastal waters with water visibility of 10-15 meters. Shetland is at the heart of Europe’s richest fishing grounds and these waters have long been synonymous with the premium quality seafood discerning chefs and fishmongers have come to expect from Shetland.

Garths Croft, Bressay

A traditional working croft that stocks native and heritage breeds including Shetland sheep and Tamworth and Saddleback pigs. The croft is open for pre-booked tours, with the additional option to further explore the island of Bressay with your guide, Chris Dyer.

Knowles Food Services

Knowles Food Services has been a provider of quality produce for more than 130 years. The business was formed in 1886 by Charles Knowles, a fruit grower with orchards in Kent and Dublin. Originally a retail organisation with units across Aberdeen, it entered the wholesale market in 1929 and quickly became a partner of choice for major growers. It went on to become established as the northeast of Scotland’s largest importer of green bananas after opening banana ripening rooms and handled Fyffes’ famous Blue Label brand.

There was well-earned recognition for the business in 1972 when, after supplying the Royal Household for many years, it was awarded the first of its Royal Warrants. Two more would follow in the subsequent years.

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