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The Old Post Office 
Drinks List

Here are some of the alcoholic beverages that the Old Post Office 

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0 Sugar/Diet Soft Drink

Coca-Cola Zero 330ml (can)

Coca-Cola Zero Cherry 330ml (can)

Tango Orange 330ml (can)

Tango Apple 330ml (can)

Schweppes Diet Lemonade 330ml (can)

Dr. Pepper 330ml (can)

Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water 150ml (can)

Still Water 330ml (PET bottle)

Sparkling Water 330ml (PET bottle)

Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola 330ml (can)

Cherry Coke 330ml (can)

Dr. Pepper 330ml (can)

Orange Tango 330ml (can)

Schweppes Lemonade 330ml (can)

Schweppes Indian Tonic Water 150ml (can

Beers and Lagers

Shetland Brewery IPA 330ml (bottle)

60˚North Lager 330ml (bottle)

60 ˚ North Lager 5 ltr (keg) (by arrangement)

IPA 5 ltr (keg) (by arrangement)


Shetland Reel Original Gin (35ml/70ml)

Shetland Reel Ocean Scent Gin (35ml/70ml)

Shetland Reel Simmer Gin (35ml/70ml)

Shetland Reel Malt Whiskey (blended) (35ml/70ml)

Aberfeldy (16 years old) Single Malt (35ml/70ml)

Kirk & Sweeney Gran Reserva Superior, Dominican Republic Rum (35ml/70ml)

El Dorado (21 years old) Guyanan Rum (35ml/70ml)

Remy Martin XO Fine Champagne Cognac (35ml/70ml)

Grey Goose Vodka (35ml/70ml)

Fortified Wines

Graham's 10-Year-Old Tawny Port (50ml)

Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth (50ml)

Sanchez Romate Pedro Ximenez Cardenal Cisneros Sherry (50ml)

Cachaca Shots
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